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My experience with Google Code-In

Hello everyone!

First please let me introduce myself. I’m Oleg Markov, a 16-year-old student from Russia. I started programming about six years ago. I’m studying web development, mobile applications development, and recently have initiated deep learning studies.

This season of participating in Google Code-in contest is one of the most exciting and important experience for me.

Information about Google Code-In

I got to known about this formidable contest from one teacher of mine. I had waiting for early winter impatiently because I found this idea more than interesting. I liked to participate in a prestigious international contest under the umbrella of Google and to know more about open source code.

I registered in the first day of the contest and got started to gather information about tasks and organizations. This was very difficult, to choose affordable tasks and interesting projects. And I was lucky! I found an incredible organization among others, this is FOSSASIA. Friendly and helpful mentors, exciting projects and fantastic atmosphere are encompassing my work in these days. I’m getting to know many new technologies in open source programming and accomplished more than 20 projects.

My favorite projects and technologies with FOSSASIA

I’m very proud to participate in real projects which are confident to students by FOSSASIA.

One of my beloved services is SUSI.AI. This is a personal assistant with artificial intelligence. Everyone can familiarize with them on the link: I learned about creating a bot for SUSI.AI and passed a course track about TensorFlow and open source AI assistants on the Udacity platform:–ud187

During the contest I installed some open source software on my system and my Android phone:

So I got to know about many open source services and made a deposit to develop them.

I am working with repositories, Github and other open source services.

Moreover, I’m very glad that I made my own contribution to spread the word about FOSSASIA and Google Code-In to Russian people by creating a special page in the Russian segment of Wikipedia:

Communication channels

I’m very exciting of many ways which are helping to communicate with mentors and to know more about open source community around the world. It’s very important for young developers. Unfortunately, I am very busy and often play a role of reader than a writer. But I appreciate so much my mentors of FOSSASIA and very glad to receive messages from them.

I use Gitter to chat during the contest. Also I subscribed to useful Google Group:!forum/fossasia

Also students can make comments within Code-In website during they perform the tasks.

The projects and technologies that I want to know about

I would like to learn more about neural networks and artificial intelligence and their application in FOSSASIA projects such as SUSI.AI.

Useful links:

Google Code-In

FOSSASIA website:


FOSSASIA Google Code-In website


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